Recent Work

Hi, my name is Alyssa Williams. I am a New York City based developer with 5 years of experience building web sites and web applications. My passions are writing clean code, delivering precise recreations of mockups, and continually striving to learn more and improve my skills! Here are some projects that I have worked on recently.

October 2019

Start With a Sponge

Screenshot of Start With a Sponge homepage

Start With a Sponge is a website for a viral marketing campaign aimed at getting people to switch from harmful plastic based sponges to natural ones. This is a static site I built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Skills used: HTML, Sass, Javascript, Git, Gulp, Netlify

May 2019

Apa Rosenthal

Screenshot of Apa Rosenthal homepage

Apa Rosenthal is a website for the office of an international cosmetic dental surgeon, Dr. Michael Apa. This is a custom template I built using Wordpress.


Skills used: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, Sass, Javascript, Git, Gulp

February 2019

Saturday Skin Accessibility

Screenshot of Saturday Skin homepage

I made substantial updates to the code and design of the website to improve accessibility. This included adjusting color contrast, adding audio descriptions and text transcripts to videos, and writing more semantic code.


Skills used: Accessibility Audit

December 2018

Saturday Skin: New York Fashion Week 2019

Screenshot of Saturday Skin Fashion Week page

The New York Fashion Week page was added to The Saturday Skin website to advertise the use of the brands skincare products to prep the models faces during Fashion Week 2019 shows. This is a custom Shopify template page.


Skills used: Shopify, Liquid, Javascript, Sass

January 2018

World Almanac for Kids Elementary

Screenshot of the World Almanac for Kids Elementary homepage

The World Almanac for Kids Elementary shares a code base with The World Almanac for Kids, but with a more youthful design and content. This was a new product I helped launch, based off of the original World Almanac for Kids site. This web application was built using C# and .NET.


Skills used: C#, .NET, HTML, Javascript, Sass, Subversion

September 2017

World Almanac for Kids

Screenshot of the World Almanac for Kids homepage

The World Almanac for Kids is an online database of learning tools, games, and teacher resources. This project was a total redesign of the product, with some fun new features added. Built using C# and .NET.


Skills used: C#, .NET, HTML, Javascript, Sass, Subversion